The Best Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

Soothing Sore Gums: The Best Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

Puppies are adorable bundles of fur, but teething can be a trying time for both you and your furry friend. As their tiny needle-like teeth erupt through the gums, puppies experience discomfort and an insatiable urge to chew. This natural instinct helps alleviate the pressure and pain of teething, but it can also lead to destructive behavior if proper outlets aren’t provided.

Fear not, pet parents! The right chew toys can be a lifesaver during this crucial stage. By offering a variety of safe and stimulating chew toys, you can help your puppy satisfy their chewing needs, soothe their sore gums, and prevent them from destroying your furniture or shoes.

Understanding Teething in Puppies

Teething typically begins around 3-4 months of age and can last until around 6 months. During this time, puppies experience a variety of symptoms, including:

Chewing: This is the most common symptom as puppies try to relieve discomfort in their gums.

Drooling: Increased saliva production is a natural response to teething.

Gnawing on objects: Puppies may chew on furniture, shoes, or other household items to alleviate pain.

Red and swollen gums: The eruption of teeth can irritate the gums, causing redness and inflammation.

Loss of appetite: Discomfort in the mouth may lead to decreased interest in food.

Choosing the Right Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

Not all chew toys are created equal for teething puppies. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect chews:


Opt for durable yet safe materials like natural rubber, nylon, or hard plastic. Avoid soft toys that can be easily ripped apart and swallowed.

Size and Texture

Choose toys that are appropriate for your puppy’s size and chewing strength. Puppies can choke on toys that are too small, while overly hard toys can damage their developing teeth. Look for toys with different textures to provide variety and stimulation.

Teething Relief

Some chew toys are specifically designed for teething puppies. These toys may have textured surfaces that massage the gums, or they can be filled with water and frozen to provide a cool, soothing sensation.


Teething puppies can be aggressive chewers. Choose toys that are strong enough to withstand their chomping without breaking into small, potentially swallowable pieces.


Offer a variety of chew toys to keep your puppy interested and prevent them from fixating on just one favorite. Rotate the toys regularly to maintain their appeal.

Popular Chew Toy Options for Teething Puppies

Now that you know what to look for, let’s explore some popular chew toy options for teething puppies:

Rubber Kong Toys

These classic toys are a favorite for a reason. They come in various sizes, textures, and even have hollow centers that can be filled with treats or peanut butter to extend playtime and provide an extra challenge.

Nylabone Chew Toys

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Nylabone chew toys are made from durable nylon that helps clean teeth and satisfies chewing needs. They also come in different flavors to entice your pup.

Puppy Teething Rings

These ring-shaped toys are made from soft, flexible rubber with textured surfaces that massage sore gums. They are perfect for young puppies just starting to explore chewing.

Frozen Rope Toys

Rope toys are a great option for tug-of-war games and chewing. Soak the rope in water and freeze it for an extra soothing effect on sore gums.

Durable Chew Sticks

Look for natural chew sticks made from deer antlers, bully sticks, or Himalayan chews. These long-lasting chews help keep puppies occupied and satisfy their chewing needs.

Additional Tips for Teething Puppies

Provide Plenty of Chew Toys

Make sure your puppy has access to a variety of chew toys throughout the day. This will help prevent them from seeking out inappropriate objects to chew on.

Supervise Playtime

When your puppy is chewing on a toy, supervise them closely to ensure they are not breaking off small pieces that could be a choking hazard.

Offer Frozen Treats

Freezing chew toys or Kong toys filled with treats can provide a cool and soothing experience for your puppy’s gums.

Redirect Chewing

If your puppy starts chewing on something inappropriate, gently redirect them to a chew toy. Reward them with praise and petting when they use the appropriate toy.

Teething Wipes

These gentle wipes can be used to soothe your puppy’s irritated gums and provide some relief.


Teething is a natural process, but providing your puppy with the right chew toys and strategies can make it a smoother experience for both of you. By keeping your puppy’s needs in mind and offering a variety


Q: Are human chew toys safe for puppies?

No, they can be choking hazards and break into sharp pieces.

Q: How often should I replace chew toys?

Replace them when worn, cracked, or have missing chunks.

Q: My puppy swallows pieces! What to do?

 Remove the toy and consult your vet immediately if pieces are small.

Q: Is excessive chewing normal?

Yes, it helps relieve teething discomfort.

Q: My puppy ignores chew toys. Help!

Stuff them with treats, rotate options, or choose a different size/texture.

Q: Do chew toys clean puppy teeth?

Yes, some have ridges and textures for plaque and tartar removal.

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